King Coconut Story

King coconut water is not, in any way, a new discovery – it has been enjoyed for centuries on the island of Sri Lanka as a refreshing, rejuvenating beverage. But its near-miraculous properties can now be vouched for, both scientifically and experientially.

Our passion for king coconut water began in 2010 when Renouk Wijemanne (co-founder) stumbled on the remarkable properties of king coconut water. Renouk, a national tennis player at the time, had a history of dehydration and fatigue-induced cramping. It was particularly debilitating when it took place during hard training sessions, or at the end of long tennis matches. His condition would sometimes escalate to the point where he would need emergency medical intervention in order to find relief. These difficult experiences are what led Renouk on a quest to find remedy for dehydration, little knowing that the solution literally grew in his back yard!

Now a professional fitness instructor, Renouk regularly refuels with king coconut water, fresh off the tree. He no longer encounters the painful challenge of muscle cramping and dehydration.

Teaming up with co-founder Ashan De Livera (also an avid sportsman), Renouk continued his research on king coconut water, in collaboration with the Industrial Technology Institute of Sri Lanka.

Today, we are happy to share this all-natural power drink with other athletes and health-enthusiasts, the world over.